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Do you need a developer for your next project?

Have you ever finished a design, you’re in the zone, but you can’t start the next design yet? You have to dive into development environments, child themes, cascading styles, ems and rems, breakpoints, media queries, Flexbox, Bootstrap, CSS, Sass, devices, browsers, minifying, caching, and on and on….

Let Lisa handle that part for you. Just give her your beautiful PSD and she will build out your creative vision, freeing you up to move on to your next design. We know handing over your work for someone else to implement is always hard! Lisa keeps you up-to-date with her progress, so you always know where your project stands. She’s flexible to communicate the way that works for you— ClickUp, Trello, Slack, or email.  

Lisa started using WordPress in 2006, as a personal blogger. Since then, she has migrated a lot of blogs, built themes, used headless WordPress, and is still learning every day. 

Lisa is one of the best developers I’ve ever worked with! Not only is she a kind, thoughtful and upbeat person to work with, but she is excellent at what she does. She is professional, great at communication and has a way of breaking things down simply in a way that’s easy to understand. From troubleshooting, to streamlining backend tech, to building out beautifully custom sites that match my mock-ups to a tee; I couldn’t ask for a better developer to work with. Not to mention, Lisa is so invested in our service and supporting our clients by finding the absolute best solutions for them. I would recommend anyone needing an experienced developer to work with Lisa! She’s been a game changer for our business!
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